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Let me introduce myself.

I’m Marcus, founder and head of design for the company. I have an M.Sc in Industrial Design Engineering with focus on product development and visualization.

My burning passion and experience in design make me reach a great variety of clients and projects. Whether you need a manufactured product, 3D animation, logo, or website, I’m happy to help you!

I’m also part of a collective of creative engineers with a great mixture of different skills. Let me know your needs and I can set up a team that is ready to tackle any large scale project.




I’m doing all types of design work, with extra focus on Product development, 3D-Artwork, and Graphic design.


Logo & Identity







Some selected work


SPEKTRUM GOGGLES – Construction & Rendering

SPEKTRUM CARRY SERIEProduct development

SPEKTRUM SUNGLASSES Construction & Rendering

KILL YOUR DARLINGS – Web design & Concept art

THULE – Product development & Functional prototyping

CYBERTRUCK Modeling & Concept art

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Clients & projects



Years experience

Coffees a day

Patents pending

“We are useing Evermind Design for all our rendering and animation projects, and have done so for several years. We are always super happy with the results and fast deliveries.”

“The final results really exceeded our expectations. The solution is simple and elegant, yet functional and with multi-purposes. The design is applied for a patent and we hope to get it in production.”

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