Construction & Rendering


The Spektrum goggle series consists of several models and colorways. Designed for high performance and durability, the goggles are popular both in the mountains and in the bike park.

Provided with 2D drawings and color palettes from Spektrum, my job is to re-create the sunglasses in 3D-softwares and make photo-realistic renders and animations.

The rendering technique is superior to traditional photography since the same environment, lights, and angles can be used over and over across a large number of models. All forms of traditional post-processing, such as removing camera reflections and doing color grading, are also avoided.


Rendering  /  Animation  /  Industrial design  /  Colour, material and finish  /  Engineering  /  Design for manufacturing  /  Sustainability

From dull construction files in CAD, I’m adding textures, lights, materials and colours to make the piece come alive.

These goggles are available on the market. Check out the latest collections and get yours at

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