My philosophy with every partnership is to build lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and open exchange at every stage of the design process. Whether it is to crafting a tailored scope or to collaborate in developing workshops, I think your thoughts, insights, and feedback throughout the process will enhance the final results. 

The approach to collaboration is the foundation on which my design process rest – and a part of why many partners have been staying since the beginning.


Collaborative brief creation
Brand immersion
Consumer workshops



As a design engineer, I see the world differently and know how to ask the right questions to uncover new observations.

I conduct research to discover and define insights for the specific tasks ahead on every project. For me, it is really important to target human behaviors and trends since it is a constantly changing topic. I’m also exploring the cutting edge of material and technological possibilities, with a great focus on sustainability.


Ethnographic research
Market benchmarking and competitor analysis
Trend research
Sustainability research
Technology roadmap



Driven by the opportunities discovered during the research phase, I define a vision for the project in line with your values and aspirations.

This vision drives the creation of a series of concept stories based on new formats and functionality, which in turn leads to the generation of an intelligent design language and an appropriate production strategy. These compelling concept stories are realized through sketching, UI/UX scenarios, conceptual CAD, or mockups.


Functional architecture
Design language
Concept generation
Colour, Material, Finish



Time to refine and detail the concept stories our partners have selected to move forward with.

During this process, I use various software tools to create multiple iterations of a design to refine form, function, and finish as well as develop photorealistic visualizations. My engineering skills are used to construct functional prototypes to develop and perfect mechanisms and build in robustness through testing. 

The mix of physical and digital design in combination with my engineering experience goes hand-in-hand to ensure robust and user-friendly products and services.

My network of creative engineers within every possible field ensures that no project is too large or too hard to handle.


Photorealistic visualisation
Functional mock-ups
Appearance models
Mechanical engineering



We have a record of bringing commercially successful products to market. Our delivery is tailored to our partners’ needs, from crafting storytelling videos and strategic presentations to creating market-ready products.

When delivering a product to market, we work with selected production facilities from our global network and create data for tooling, production-ready parts and manage the quality control process.

During a product launch, we can create communication strategies across print and digital, produce installations for exhibitions and events, and art direct photography and video content.


Design for manufacture
Supplier sourcing
Art direction and communication strategy

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